Anti-vandal Mesh

anti stab mesh for body armour and protectionanti slash mesh for truck and lorry protectionanti-vandal wire meshAnti-vandal

Truck sides manufactured from canvas and wire mesh to prevent ‘slash and grab’ theft are a good example of anti-vandal mesh.

Lightweight protective clothing can be manufactured when combining wire mesh with other materials, e.g. kevlar and other man made fibres.

Layers of wire mesh and other materials to manufacture protective clothing. (Note: Kevlar is a registred trade mark of Du-Pont).

knitted mesh shielding train seats etcSeating protectionKnitted wire anti vandal mesh is used for vandalism protection on public transport

Knitted wire mesh is used for vandalism protection in seating and all soft upholstery for various levels of vandalism protection.

With wire mesh integrated onto a foam base seating unit with layered fabric cover, it offers incredibly strong, flexible and robust units without impeding comfort levels.

Wire mesh bonded with other materials will prevent the material from separating if slashed with a knife or other sharp objects.

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