ETFE Mist Eliminators

polypropylene demisterIn many process operations the removal of entrained material in vapour flows is essential. Knitwire Products provide a wide range of ETFE mesh mist eliminator units suitable for any application.

The principle of mist eliminator operation is based on having a large number of obstacles intercepting entrained droplets in a vapour flow. This large number of obstacles must provide minimum drop in pressure over the removal system.

Mist eliminators are made up from knitted materials with interlocking asymmetrical loops of ETFE with typical wire diameters being 0.27 – 0.5mm.

The ETFE mist eliminators can withstand high temperatures of up to 260 degrees celsius. Its chemical resistance promotes uses in corrosive environments such as fertiliser production or sulfuric acid.

ETFE mesh rolls can also be provided as an alternative.

Hostafron Mesh Demister
FEP Mesh Demister
Halar/Teflon Mesh Demister