Clear Mesh

Clear mesh as used in a zoo or aviaryWe are pleased to introduce Clearmesh, a new product from the Knitwire group of companies for the owners, operators and designers of free flight and small mammal enclosures.

The physical properties of Knitwire Clearmesh offer the following advantages over the more traditional welded and woven mesh varieties.

Stainless steel construction from 0.28mm diameter wire offering excellent resistance against corrosion and ultra violet degradation.

clear-mesh / knitted clear mesh as used in aviary and zooLightweight at only 349g per square meter.

Resistant to rodent and knife attack.

Soft to the touch very fine aperture mesh reducing the risk of injury to small birds and mammals.

None-welded none-woven construction ensuring maximum flexibility in irregular enclosures.

Knitwire Clearmesh is supplied on rolls of up to 2.0m wide and may be stretched taught to conform to a rigid structure or draped loosely as dictated by individual requirements.

Images courtesy of Bristol Zoo


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