new-phone-system-knitwire-runcorn-cheshireContinuing our theme of business expansion and improved facilities, the offices of Knitwire Products in Runcorn, Cheshire are undergoing a complete change in our business telephone system. We believe that customers and employees will benefit from the upgrade, which provides:-

  • Direct lines to whoever customers are trying to contact at Knitwire and Catalytic Support Systems (CSS) – gone is the old switchboard set-up, now you can get hold of our staff quicker than before
  • Holding messages to callers, helping to manage their expectations as to when the call can be taken
  • Voice messages – allowing staff to quickly and efficiently receive messages from callers should they be unable to take the call
  • Call Display, so our staff can ensure they do not miss an important call – or if they do  – and simply cannot get to the phone at that moment – they can call the correct person back asap
  • Recording of all calls – this is pivotal for staff training and monitoring, leading to better quality control as it’s important for our callers to have a positive experience when calling us
  • Integrated Internal messaging – a system that allows messages to be passed internally between staff members for a more reliable system of communication

new-phones-catalytic-support-systems-runcorn-cheshireThe new system is being installed with business efficiency and reliable, improved communications in mind.

However, another benefit is financial – with the cost of the new telephone system completely covered by the overall savings in the cost of the old.