Automotive Products

If you are searching for automotive products, you may want to check out our sister company, Catalytic Support Systems Ltd.

The Knitwire group of companies supplies a wide range of industries including the oil and gas, mass transfer and liquid separation,  filtration, environmental, transport, catering and food, anti-blade protection and  heat treatment.

In 1990 the sister company, Catalytic Support Systems, was established to deal with the automotive and mass produced components, compressed, shaped or otherwise. Please visit the CSS website for more info on our automotive products, by clicking the link above or the company logo in the bottom right of this screen.

Despite CSS only being established in 1990, our team of specialists have over 40 decades of experience and knowledge regarding knitted wire mesh components and can assist you throughout the design process of any applications that you may require. CSS are now also finding bespoke and innovative solutions to all Euro 6 and other emissions related problems.

Catalytic Support Systems Ltd. is certified to ISO9001:2015 with Approachable.

Click on the below images to see our automotive products in more detail.

Anti Vibration Mesh
Assorted compressed components
Flexible Couplings and Spring-loaded Ball Joints
Ball Joint Gaskets
Flex Assemblies and Load Supports
Flex’s and Load Supports
flexible knitted wire mesh separation rings
Separation Rings
Knitted wire mesh Air Gap Spacers and Cushion Pipes
Spacer Rings
Catalytic DPF Seals
Trapezium Gasket

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