Knitwire are now a proud corporate member of BIAZA! You can now be assured that our knitted wire aviary mesh ‘ClearMesh‘ is backed up by our zoo sponsors. We hope to use this as a networking opportunity to find pain points that zoos struggle to solve and adapt our product to their needs.

Who Are BIAZA?

BIAZA is a professional body advocating for some of the best zoos across the country and supporting them in their conservation and education projects. They offer coordination opportunities for zoos to communicate and collaberate with their conservation efforts.

This communication between zoos is vitally important to help with the sharing of data through conservation research and helping zoos to stay up to date within the industry.


Zoo Approved Aviary Mesh

The application process for this membership required us to acquire two sponsorships from the CEO or director of two BIAZA registered zoos who could confirm the integrity of the product. We would like to thank Dartmoor Zoological Park and Tropical World for completing these sponsorships for us.

Earlier this year we visited Dartmoor Zoological Park to discuss our product and gain feedback on its performance. They have used ClearMesh for their Saki Monkey exhibit, had painted it black and were very pleased with the outcome. The zoo has also agreed to conduct some light testing against different species within the zoo to help us gain a better understanding of what our aviary mesh can be used for.

Saki monkey sitting on branch inside exhibit through aviary mesh

Tim Forber, one of the company directors commented on this achievement to say: “It gives us validation for others that want to use our products and services.”

We are looking forward to attending events, meeting new people and spreading the word about how great ClearMesh is. If you are interested in seeing the product for yourself, you can order a FREE pack of samples.