ClearMesh has been used in a number of different conservation projects, both out in the wild and in captivity. The conservation of endangered animals is something that Knitwire feel extremely passionately about, so it is an honour to have the chance to supply to these great causes. We wanted to give some examples of ClearMesh in conservation to show the versatility of our product, and to shine light on some of these incredible conservation efforts.

Kamp Kenan

The first, and most recent, example comes all the way from Jupiter, Florida. Kenan Harkin is well known from his former years as a professional BMXer and television presenter, however he has always been extremely fond of reptiles. Kenan now owns a large number of reptiles, most of them kept outdoors in the Florida heat. His giant reptile sanctuary can be seen on his YouTube channel, Kamp Kenan, where you can also find educational videos regarding keeping reptiles as pets and reptile conservation in the wild.

We have been working with Kenan to build a new enclosure for his Rhino Iguanas. Kenan prides himself on his naturalistic looking animal enclosures, which ClearMesh will help him to easily achieve.

In the image to the right you can see our very own company director Tim helping Kenan install the mesh onto the structure.

Wooden structure for animal enclosure using ClearMesh

At present, the structure is still a work in progress after the warmer weather halted work. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished project once Kenan has completed his work. You can follow the Kamp Kenan YouTube channel for updates on this enclosure!

Wooden structure for animal enclosure using ClearMesh

Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary

Another recent example of ClearMesh in conservation is at the Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary, another organisation from Florida. Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary care for animals that, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in need of a new home. The animals are each there for differnet reasons, and the volunteer team dedicate their lives to caring for each of the animals and allowing them to live out the rest of their lives happily.

Farmhouse Animal Sanctuary have used our ClearMesh for their duck aviary. During the construction process, the team managed to send us a video of them joining the mesh together which can be found on our Facebook page! It is a great watch for people who are wanting to join the mesh together.

3 men joining clearmesh together

The ducks are now enjoying their new enclosure where they can live out the rest of their lives happily. Farmhouse Animal Sanctuary are also extremely happy with the overall finished aviary thanks to our ClearMesh.

Ducks swimming in pond inside aviary made with ClearMesh

Gough Island

If you follow our ClearMesh website, or our Facebook page, you will be aware of the Gough Island project with the RSPB using ClearMesh in conservation. Gough island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, 1,550 miles from the nearest city of Cape Town. The RSPB are using ClearMesh to help conserve the wild sea birds that nest on the island, including the Tristan Albatross. It was found that rodents had been accidentally introduced to the island in the 19th century by sailors.

In order to adapt to their new environment, the rodents began to feed upon the seabird chicks, causing their numbers to decrease at alarming rates. The RSPB, along with a number of partners, have decided to step in and help control the situation to increase the number of seabirds, using ClearMesh as a barrier between the rodents and the birds until they have managed to eradicate the rodents.

ClearMesh is a great rodent repellant as they do not like the feel of the mesh between their teeth. The mesh has also been tested against a molerat in South Africa and has proven success in anti-rodent properties.

aviaries using clearmesh

The RSPB have constructed some temporary aviaries to keep the birds safe away from the rodents until the infestation has been dealt with. Once complete, the birds will be released back onto the island to nest safely without the persecution of mice.

Aviaries made with ClearMesh

Work has halted during the pandemic as extensive travel is required in order to reach the island, however in the meantime they have almost reached their donation goal of £385,000, being just £30,000 away from the target goal. You can donate to the Gough Island cause here.

We are hopeful that the project will continue soon and we are excited to see the outcome of the hard work that has gone into this vital project.

If you are interested in using ClearMesh in conservation, contact us today for a quote, alternatively, order your FREE samples now.