Copper Wire Gauze

Copper wire gauze offers a safe and scratch free solution to cleaning extruder drills and barrels and any other machinery that requires vigorous cleaning due to material build up. Copper gauze is a much more economical cleaning solution in comparison to wire brushes and other household cleaning products.

The mesh rolls are supplied at a standard size of 130-140mm wide and can be up to 50m long.


Economical Extruder Cleaning Solution

Copper wire gauze gives you more for your money in comparison to wire brushes, which need replacement much more often than mesh and take up more room for storage. Cleaning with mesh gauze is also faster and easier, resulting in shorter down time.

Manufactured with a flat soft copper wire, the mesh works similarly to a scourer with the flat edge of the wire scraping away any excess material, while the soft copper ensures that no damage is made to the equipment. The interlocking looping pattern of the mesh makes the copper wire gauze extremely robust and durable.

Being able to cut off as much mesh as you want, paired with the flexibility of the mesh, gives you versatility with the cleaning process by helping you to reach both large areas and small crevices with ease, even while the machine is still hot.


knitted wire copper mesh pad
knitted wire copper mesh gauze close up

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