Why our Demisters are superior to our competitors

We feel confident in stating that our knitted wire mesh demisters are superior to that of our competitors for multiple reasons that we shall list within this article. For the past 4 decades we have prided ourselves on our ability to achieve extremely high-quality products using innovative engineering and design.

Our Managing Director has seen many different processes for manufacturing knitted wire mesh demister products from our competitors and has been surprised and shocked at his findings.

demister in 3 separate pieces

Competitors Demisters

Have you ever purchased a demister and found that it arrived with an outer layer of knitted wire mesh edging strip that you did not ask for? Our Managing Director found that it was common practice to trim off the excess mesh around the outside and then place this within the layers of mesh inside the demister. The edging strip is used as an attempt to ensure that the scrap mesh does not manage to escape the demister, however, this alone may not be enough to prevent this from happening.


Should the edging strip come loose, the scrap mesh can escape the demister and work its way into your other processing equipment causing some costly damage and a lengthy down time. These demisters may come cheaper, however in the long run they could end up costing you more than you had originally expected.

Demister Post underneath mesh

Our Solution

The manufacturing process of our knitted wire mesh demisters has been designed in a way that produces very minimal scrap, none of which will find its way into your product. We still trim off excess mesh from around the outside of the demister, however this is a very minimal amount, and it is thrown away rather than hidden within the demister.


Another process that we have developed is the use of grids and rods to ensure the structural integrity of the overall demister. Our in-house fabrication department create our demister grids and weld the rods onto the bottom piece. The mesh is then layered onto these rods and the top grid is then added on top and welded. The metal rods hold the mesh in place and prevent anything from potentially coming loose. We do also offer edging strip for customers who may want it.


The end product is a demister that is so strong and sturdy that you can stand on it!

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Demister being stood on by two people