Copper is an extremely important material in the whisky distillation process, giving the drink its flavour. Stills were made from copper to infuse the copper into the liquid, however the copper structures are very expensive.

The alternative to copper stills is to use stainless steel, due to its cheaper cost, and use copper internals to infuse the flavour.


Copper Pall Rings

We have recently completed a bulk order of copper pall rings for a well-known customer in the Scotch Whisky industry. These pall rings are used in their distillation process to increase the contact area of copper with distilled vapour which reduces the amount of sulfides, and results in a less pungent, far smoother and superior final spirit.

Copper Mesh Pads

We also recently completed an order for a large quantity of our high surface area copper pads which we supplied to another whisky distillation customer. These are knitted from arsenic-free copper wire into small interlinking loops, which forms a mesh that is carefully crafted into pads. These pads are also used to increase the contact area of distilled vapour with copper which has the same result of a superior final spirit.

knitted wire copper pad

Pairing the products in your distillation vessel…

Both of the above copper products from Knitwire offer a high surface area, high free volume and a low pressure drop when used in the distillation process. They can be used in distillation columns as well as batch stills and are cost effective and long-lasting.

You can find more information regarding our distillation vessel internals here. If you would like to know anything further, you can contact our sales engineer Paul Maher at