Knitwire Products are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a well-known YouTube channel!

Kamp Kenan is a much-loved YouTube channel across America and the UK. The channel is run by ex-television host and BMXer Kenan Harkin, who is now passionate about the keeping, breeding and conservation of the reptile species. He will be using our ClearMesh (also known as Zoo Mesh), to build a large enclosure for his Rhino Iguanas.

Kenan has done incredible work educating the public about not only keeping and caring for reptile pets, but also the conservation of wild reptiles through his YouTube channel: and his website:

From releasing sea turtles back to the wild, rescuing mistreated iguanas and suffering alligators to building some impressive enclosures centred around the animals needs. Kenan is an asset to the conservation of the reptile species, and his enthusiasm and passion is contagious!

In a statement provided to Knitwire, Kenan said: ā€œIā€™m extremely grateful to Knitwire for helping me care for these animals! After seeing the sample, I knew this would be the perfect material for my new enclosures. Very excited to have the crew from Knitwire here at my home in FL and to have them meet the reptiles!ā€

We are extremely excited to be able to help Kenan with his mission to educate and conserve. If you would like to learn more about the product that we will be using to build this enclosure, then head to: for a full description of our Zoo Mesh.

Zoo Mesh is suitable for birds, small mammals and certain reptiles, and is available in different wire diameters. It is extremely flexible and easy to work with, meaning that it can be applied to any structure type and shape. You can contact our team today to find out if Zoo Mesh is the right product for you!