What Is Fog Harvesting

Fog harvesting is a method of collecting water droplets found in fog. This method is typically used in coastal or mountainous areas where there is a high probability of a build up of fog.


Mesh panels are installed in these areas to collect the water droplets and send them into a reservoir. This is a simple and cost effective method of providing clean water to barren villages. The water collected can be used to provide people with clean drinking water or for agriculture to water crops.

Fog on mountains

Knitted Wire Mesh in Fog Harvesting

Our knitted wire mesh was installed in South Africa in an attempt to utilise this method of water collection. A poly material was used to draw in the moisture from the fog, incorporated with stainless steel wire to provide strength and prevent the mesh from being slashed.


Gutters are installed underneath the mesh which then carries the water down into a reservoir and is then distributed as clean water.

Knitted wire mesh fog harvesting

The knitted pattern of the mesh allows the fog to pass through whilst capturing the moisture. This is a similar process to our demister / mist eliminator product. The small aperture of the mesh allows for a large contact surface area, capturing a larger amount of liquid within a smaller surface area.


The mesh is lightweight and flexible, making it quick and easy to install, and will require little maintenance up until it needs replacing. Knitted wire mesh can be supplied up to 2m wide from our UK factory, and 1.2m wide from our South African factory, and up to almost any length that you require subject to shipping weights. The mesh can also be joined together easily using either hog rings, tie wire, cable ties or we can supply you with the wire you need for an added cost.


If you are interested in utilising our mesh for fog harvesting then please feel free to contact us.