With nearly 5 decades of experience within the industry, we have noticed that many other industries are yet to discover the advantages of using knitted mesh for their applications, or are completely unaware that it can be used for their requirements.

We want to spread the word about this mesh and it’s uses across a wide variety of different industries.

What is knitted mesh?

Knitted mesh is manufactured by forming interlocking looped ‘stitch’ patterns using a range of wire, plastic or fibreous materials. The mesh is manufactured in a tube formation, and from here can either be slit open to one layer at double the width, can be incorporated into another material or can be compressed to form a compressed component.

Classed as a technical textile, the mesh has strong bonding properties with all the durability of any other metalic mesh, if not more. Certain properties of the mesh can be altered, such as the wire gauge, the stitch size, and the stitch pattern, offering endless opportunities.

What are the benefits?

The knitted pattern gives the mesh an overall flexibility, which is helpful for a wide variety of applications such as the oil & gas industry, automotive, technical textiles, petrochemical, renewable energy, medical, RFI, and many more. The flexibility also makes it perfect for compressing into smaller components which can be made to any shape and size to suit a range of applications and requirements.

For stainless steel solutions, one of the main benefits in comparison to alternative products is the lack of a weld. Under extreme heat and pressure, welds can crack and damage the integrity of the mesh. Welded mesh is also less anti-corrosive and does not perform well against outdoor exposure. For outdoor aesthetic uses, knitted mesh also has the benefit of being more aesthetically pleasing than other products.

The aperture size can be adjusted to smaller sizes that other meshes struggle to achieve, proving to be especially useful in the RFI/EMI industries to stop electrical currents.

For further technical information you can see our knitted mesh rolls page.

If you have a problem that you believe could be solved using knitted mesh, then please do get in touch with our technical sales team today.