Anti Vibration Mounts

Knitted wire mesh, either in the form of rope or compressed component, is very suitable for high temperature applications where other materials would fail in operation.

anti vibration mountsA knitted wire component can be produced in any size, shape, or density to enable riveting or spot welding, keeping assembly and fastening costs to a minimum.

Typical applications for this range of anti vibration mounts products are heat shields, turbo and engine mounts, down-pipes and manifolds. Most applications where vibrations cause radiated sound can be cured with the addition of a wire mesh ring, pad, rope or mat.

Current applications of Knitwire Anti-Vibration Mesh include:

  • Engine mounts for cars, trucks, marine engines, motors, and aircraft components
  • Heat shield supports, cable tray and hanger brackets

Knitwire knitted mesh can be riveted, spot welded, glued or screwed into position, offering unlimited possibilites and absolutely any high temperature, or other hostile operating conditions.


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