Distillation Copper Mesh Pads

Your distillation equipment is not complete without our UHSA (Ultra High Surface Area) Distillation Copper Mesh Pads. These were designed to solve the requirement in the distillation industry for a large copper-contact area in Whisky/Vodka/Gin production; especially where stainless steel stills are used. The pads also give you the benefit of a high free volume and low-pressure drop.

 Suitable for whiskey distillers

We recently supplied pads with a copper surface area of over 500m² to one of our regular customers in the Scotch whisky or whiskey industry, compressing the equivalent surface area of two tennis courts into a small volume. The pads provide a cost-effective way to increase the smoothness and taste in spirits without having to replace expensive distillation equipment.

Since ancient times copper has been the material of choice for distilling spirits. Copper is easy to work with, is a fantastic conductor of heat, is resistant to corrosion and – most importantly – it has a beneficial effect on the character of the alcohol produced.

Smoother, rounded alcohol

Alcohol distilled in copper is smoother and more rounded and is less harsh and pungent than that distilled in alternate materials such as stainless steel. Copper removes sulphur products which give the distillate a rough, coarse taste. There is also a bit of a mystery as to why copper is so effective at improving the taste, but leading distillers will say it does.

Some of our customers would like to increase their copper-contact area and a high-surface area product like ours is ideal for this purpose. Increasing the copper area in a distillation process produces lighter, fruitier and smoother flavours in the matured spirits.

Design to give maximum copper surface area

Our Ultra High Surface Area (UHSA) Copper Pads were designed to increase copper surface area while giving the benefit of a high free-volume and low-pressure drop. They are effectively used in Whisky/Vodka/Gin and other spirit production throughout the world.

A pad with a diameter of 305mm and a thickness of just 100mm contains a surface area of 1.228m² which allows for an easy increase in copper contact area when they are installed. Our highly qualified staff can manufacture pads to your bespoke requirements, so if you would like a different design to fit your process please give us a call and we will work with you to design an optimal solution.

These pads are used sacrificially in continuous or stainless-steel stills, improving the quality of the spirit produced without increasing production costs significantly, giving the producer the benefit of the longevity of stainless steel and the smoothing effects of the copper.

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