Grease Filters and Framed Filters

grease filters and framed filtersA wide range of knitted mesh elements are produced for industrial filter and de-misting applications. The most common application is industrial cooking canopies. Framed elements, commonly known as grease filters are installed above cooking ranges to eliminate entrained grease and fat from being drawn into the extraction ducts, reducing the risk of fire hazards and also providing essential protection to expensive motors and blowers.

Knitted wire mesh filters provide a functional design with optimum performance, offering a low resistance with maximum efficiency up to 98%.  A mesh pad is designed with a specific thickness, density and wire size to optimise separation efficiency and flow capacity for expected process conditions.  Wire mesh pads can often be replaced re-using the support channel frame and grid over again.

knitted wire mesh filters for industrial useConstruction is typically from multi layers of aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel crimped knitted mesh, enclosed in a channel frame with either expanded metal or welded metal fascias front and back. Handles can be incorporated to the frames to aid removal for cleaning and replacement. There are many stock sizes available in a range of materials, however low cost custom made sizes are easily catered for.

Further details and technical information regarding Framed Filters can be supplied upon request.