Expansion Joint Seals – Hose Braid

hose braid liner sealsWe are pleased to offer a stainless steel hose braid which is also known as a liner seal / solid steel rope. Materials of construction include any grade of stainless and exotic alloys. We can also provide test certs to reassure the customer of the material used to 3.1b.
expansion joint seals - hose braid
This product was created as an alternative to purging the circumferential void method. This method includes packing of the void instead and using the hose braid as a seal or gasket. The fibre packing is prevented from “falling out” as this is due to our heavy gauge stainless hose. This is held in place by stainless steel hooks which are threaded onto the hose then located and welded onto the sleeve.

We can create the hose braids / liner seals, to any diameter that is required for your needs as well as desired length.

If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements.