Humane Pest Control

In a world were the vegetarian and vegan community is growing in numbers by the day, and companies and individuals are carefully considering the impact that they are having on the planet, there has never been more of a need for environmentally friendly and humane pest control products.


Pesticides and Rodenticides

The most common form of pest control is currently the use of pesticides and rodenticides which are infamous for causing damage to the environment and risk to public health. These products are designed to poison and kill pests within a building or outdoors, however if they come into contact with the wrong target then the results can be catastophic.

When used in residential situations, family pets and children are put at risk of intentionally or accidentally ingesting pellets. Once ingested, the chances of survival are extremely slim.

These risks are also present to pesticides being used outdoors, with the addition of destroying local wildlife. It is impossible to target the exact species that is considered a pest, other animals such as cats, dogs, squirrels and birds could also be harmed.

Pesticides have been known to be one of the greatest causes of the decline in numbers of several Bird of Prey species, and they still continue to threaten vulnerable bird numbers.

Humane pest control methods do not pose risk to public health, local wildlife or even the pest itself. Our methods are designed for long term pest prevention.


Humane Pest Control Solutions

Soffit Mesh

Soffit mesh was created for the purposes of protecting soffit vents from rodent, bird and insect infestations, however it can also be used to stuff into other small gaps, holes and spaces. This can be made from copper or stainless steel, both of which are anti-corrosive, making them ideal for outdoor uses and offering product longevity.

Loading Bay Protection

A common entry point for rodents in commercial areas is warehouse loading bays, where doors are left open during deliveries. We have recently developed a humane pest control product to protect these commercial areas in a humane way that does not pose a risk to public health or local wildlife. Contact us if you would like to learn more about this.

Aviary and Animal Enclosure Protection

Using our ClearMesh product you can battle 3 problems simultaneously. Housing your birds, protecting against pests and also protecting against predators. Tests have been conducted over in South Africa to measure the pest control abilities of our ClearMesh product. The results are available in our downloadable pest control test results document.


Can’t find what you need?…

Our in house design engineers have the resources and knowledge to design products to meet your specific humane pest control requirements, and we are always eager to hear of new ways in which our mesh could be used. Get in touch with us and we can collaberate together to design a solution.

rat poking through hole
air brick using pest control mesh
aviaries using clearmesh

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