Reinforcement mesh

Knitwire reinforcement mesh is a popular product in the manufacturing of truck side curtains. It is a well known fact that trucks and lorries are very often targeted for robberies due to the ease of cutting through the side curtains unnoticed.

This application works very similarly to the application of train seats, protecting against knife attack and making it harder for thieves to gain access and giving the driver longer to react.

The mesh flexibility makes this product an ideal solution to truck robberies as it does not restrict the movement of the overall product.

Insulation Jackets

Another application for our Reinforcement Mesh is in the manufacturing of insulation jackets.

The Reinforcement Mesh can either be attached on the inside of the jacket to protect the inside from wear and tear, or can be attached to the outside in order to protect against any external elements.

The mesh can be supplied as either a single or double wire knit with a 0.25mm wire diameter.

304 or 309 grade of stainless steel can be used depending upon the customers requirements and working environments.

Lightweight Protective Clothing

Lightweight protective clothing can be manufactured when combining wire mesh with other materials, e.g. kevlar and other man made fibres.

Layers of wire mesh and other materials to manufacture protective clothing. (Note: Kevlar is a registred trade mark of Du-Pont).

Seating Mesh

Our Seating Reinforcement Mesh can be bonded with other fabrics such as;
  • Aramid Cloth
  • Cloth
  • Water-proof cork
  • PVC
  • Non-metallic system
This makes our mesh a bespoke and versatile product to be used in the manufacturing of seating for public transport in order to prevent vandalism. Feedstock is available at 49cm and 59cm wide, with the standard length being 60 metre rolls. This mesh can either be laminated with a 0.35mm hard drawn wire or quilted with a 0.25mm twin wire. Edge protection can also be added for any clients who may require this. Made with a hard drawn wire and Kevlar aramid yarn, this product has strong bonding properties and a high tensility with the ability to withstand up to 15kPa laceration force. Although the mesh is extremely tough against laceration and vandalism, it is also flexible and easy to work with. Clients may also provide their own patterned materials to be bonded with the knitted wire mesh. Once laminated, our product can can last up to 5 years, as opposed to the approximated standard of up to 2 years. For more information on our Anti-vandal Mesh, contact us today.

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