Across the industry, manufacturers have been suffering from a price increase in raw materials, causing the prices to also increase for their customers. Knitwire are dedicated to finding new ways to help keep costs down for all of our customers. The most recent development has been in regards to our demister products.

Unique Demister Design

One of our most long standing methods of keeping prices down for our demister customers is through our product design. As discussed in a previous article explaining why our demisters are superior to others on the market, our demisters are designed to eliminate the potential of any scrap.

Not only does this create a product of superior quality, it also prevents customers from needing to replace their demisters much sooner than anticipated.

wire mesh demister in 3 separate pieces

Innovative Investments

The most recent of our attempts has been the investment in new machinery which will help to make our demister manufacturing process much quicker and cost effective.

Previously, flat bars were cut down to size and welded together, costing the company both time and material.

Our new flat bar bending machine will help to make the process of manufacturing the demister grid much more cost effective by preventing the need for welding and reducing the amount of off cuts.

By improving our manufacturing processes we are now able to ensure that our demister prices will not increase for our customers.

A rectangular piece of flat bar in front of machine