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Cut Proof Fabric

Following on from the success of our reinforcement mesh supplying the truck side curtains, train seats and insulation jacket industries, we have now developed a non-metallic slash proof fabric version that is just as strong against cuts and slashes.

Reinforcement Mesh

Our standard reinforcement mesh has been used in a variety of different applications as a deterrent against vandalism and theft. The aramid yarn and wire combination can be bonded, stitched or laminated to other materials to offer the customer exactly the reinforcement and anti-vandal properties they require.

The product was originally designed to prevent arsonists from slashing open train seating, stuffing it with paper and setting fire to the seat. Add to this the possibility of the disposal of used syringes hidden in the seats.

A heavy duty mesh used in body armour is available to comply with police and military standard.

As the patent explains, the wire resists the knife blade due to the extreme tensile strength of the wire. This being more than the blade. Originally the Kevlar was included to lock the stitch and prevent the stitch being forced open enough to allow the blade of the knife through.

Cut Proof Fabric

The company having the capability of producing over 6,000,000 mesh types has now developed a mesh without using wire to lock the stitch.

Having the aramid yarn alone combined with the new stitch patern has shown very little decrease in effectiveness against cuts and slashes (as you can see in this video), and is beneficial for applications which require a more fexible and cost effective product. Ideal applications for our cut proof fabric would include seating, clothing and other products where bonding is required to other materials.

Cut proof fabric knitted aramid yarn

If you have any requirements for our new cut proof fabric, then please feel free to contact us and we can see how we can help you.

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