Process Applications

Intro paragraph about what makes these three things process application solutions and what specific process applications they apply to. With some industry centric wording if possible

Mist Eliminators / Demisters

In many process operations the removal of entrained material in vapour flows is essential. Knitwire Products provide a wide range of wire mesh demister mist eliminator units suitable for any application.

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Liner SealsĀ  and Hose Braids

We are pleased to offer a stainless steel hose braid which is also known as a liner seal / solid steel rope. Materials of construction include any grade of stainless and exotic alloys. We can also provide test certs to reassure the customer of the material used to 3.1b.

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Copper Mesh Pads

Our UHSA (Ultra High Surface Area) Copper Pad was designed to solve the requirement in the distillation industry for a large copper-contact area in Whisky/Vodka/Gin production.

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