Technical textiles come in many forms and serve several different industries with different purposes. They can be manufactured using a wide variety of materials such as fibres, plastics and even metals. These materials are often just one component in a complete product.
Technical Textiles are products that serve a technical purpose, and are often combined with other components to offer support, reinforcement or performance. They are designed and manufactured for functionality rather than appearance, although some products have mastered both.

The uses for technical textiles can be broken down into 12 categories.

Agrotech: Agriculture, horticulture, animal keeping, farming, etc.

Buildtech: Construction, industrial, engineering, etc.

Clothtech: Clothing and shoes.

Geotech: Landfills, railways, roads, irrigation, etc.

Hometech: Interior design, furniture, walls, flooring, upholstry, etc.

Indutech: Filtration, chemical production, cleaning, mechanical engineering, etc.

Meditech: Health and hygiene.

Mobiltech: Automotive, aircrafts, train, space travel, etc.

Oekotech: Environmental protection, waste, recycling, etc.

Packtech: Packaging, containment, coverings, sacks, etc.

Protech: Personal protective equipment and property.

Sporttech: Sports and leisure, outdoor equipment, active wear, etc.

Knitted mesh textile solutions

Knitted mesh makes an excellent technical textile solution due to its flexibility, bonding properties and its resilliance against heat, chemicals and corrosion. It can be manufactured from a singular material, or co-knit with two different materials, which can be metallic, plastic, monofilament or fibrous. The mesh is also lightweight and will not add much weight onto the end product.

Knitted mesh has the potential to be used in products in all of the above categories, and has already been used in several of them successfully for the likes of automotive, railway, animal keeping and industrial products.

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