We have recently added two further products to our Knitwire eBay page:

anti bird mesh eBayAnti-Bird Mesh

Our Anti-bird mesh is a long lasting stainless steel knitted mesh – on a roll – used for preventing birds and large insects attacking fruit and vegetables. It’s durable with a long life outdoors and it’s weather and sun resistant. It can be used over windows, doors, greenhouses, frames of any sort. Ponds would benefit if secured over the top.

We can cut to size at your request (simply get in touch directly on +44 1928 566996 and mention the eBay listing), or send us a message on eBay.

For further product info and everything you need to know about costs, postage etc., please visit this product’s eBay page by clicking here.

Stainless Steel Fastening Tie WireStainless steel wire eBay

Our other new eBay product is Stainless steel fastening tie wire which is weather resistant and can be used in your garden or around the home.


  • Outdoors; hanging baskets, canes, trellises, securing fences and gates, ornaments and models, signs for doors and gates
  • Indoors; models – trains, planes, securing keys, hanging decorations, guttering, pictures, clocks, lampshades, repairs

We can supply cut lengths for you to use, alternatively, you will need a pair of wire cutters, side cutters, or pliers with a cutting blade (please leave a message when you order or contact us directly to request your required length of wires).

For all the additional information you need please see the eBay page for this product (click here).

We’ll keep you up-to-date on here with any further news of our products featuring on eBay.